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china supplier Smr Shaft Gear Reducer Shaft Mount Gearbox Transmission Gear manufacturers

Merchandise Description

SMR Reducer Specification
1 Output Hub

Standard or alternative hubs with metric bores are available to suit international standard shaft diameters&interval

2 Precision High Quality Gearing 

Computer Designed Helical Gears&comma Strong Alloy  Materials  for  High  Load  Capacity&comma Case  Carburized  for  long  life&comma  Ground Profile&lparsome intermediate pinions are shaved&rpar Crown tooth Profile&comma In Conformance  with  ISO  1328-1997&comma  98&percnt Efficiency  for  Per  Stage&comma  Smooth  Quiet Operation with Several Teeth in Mesh&interval

3 Maximum Capacity Housing Design
Close  Grain  Cast  Iron  Construction&comma  Excellent  Vibration  Dampening  &  Shock Resistance Features&comma Precision Bored and Dowelled to Ensure Accurate In-Line Assembly&period

4 Strong Alloy Steel Shafts

Strong Alloy Steel&comma Hardened&comma Ground on Journals&comma Gear Seatings and Extensions&comma for
Maximum Load and Maximum Torsional Loads&period Generous Size Shaft
Keys for Shock Loading and Conform to ISO Standards&time period

5 Additional Case Lugs Except H and J Gear Case

Eliminates the Need for Critical Tightening of Torque Arm Bolts&period Controls Position of
Standard Torque Arm Mounting within Recommended limits&time period

6 BackStops

Alternative Parts&comma Antirun Back Device&comma AreAvailable on all 13&colon1 and 20&colon1 Ratio Units and do not recommend for 5&colon1 Units&period of time

7 Bearings and Oilseals

Bearings are Adequately Proportioned and Conform to ISO Dimension Plan&comma Readily
Available WorldWide&period Oilseals are Double Lipped Garter Spring Type&comma Ensuring Effective Oil Sealing&interval

8 Rubberised End Caps

Self Sealing Intermediate Cover Plates&comma to Standard ISO Housing Dimensions&period of time

9 Torque Arm Assembly

For Easy Adjustment of the Belt&interval

Size &colon SMR B C D E F G H 

RATIO &colon 5&colon1  13&colon1  20&colon1 

Get in touch with Me

Welcome to contact William for more information&excl

Product B13&solB20 C13&solC20 D13&solD20 E13&solC20 F13&solE20 G13&solF20 H13&solG20 J13&solJ20
Output&lparRPM&rpar ten-115 10-110 10-a hundred and ten ten-a hundred and five ten-a hundred and five 10-a hundred 10-a hundred ten-100
Electrical power Ranking&lparKW&rpar &period29-3&period11 &period49-4&period62 &period82-7&period81 1&period25-11&period55 one&period97-seventeen&period01 three&period11-27&period09 four&period9-40&period7 7&period8-60&period5
Permissible torque&lparNm&rpar 277 468 783 1194 1881 2970 4680 7449

Product B5 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 H5 J5
Output&lparRPM&rpar one hundred-four hundred one hundred-four hundred one hundred-four hundred 100-four hundred 100-four hundred 100-four hundred 100-400 a hundred-400
Electricity Ranking&lparKW&rpar two&period68-7&period14 four&period2-9&period66 six&period62-15&period65 10&period29-24&period57 15&period12-35&period91 25&period2-59&period9 36&period2-eighty one&period9 62&period2-134&period2
Permissible torque&lparNm&rpar 256 401 632 983 1444 2407 3457 5940


Dimension&lparmm&rpar SMR Dimensions
Normal measurement of shaft thirty 40 50 fifty five 65 seventy five 85 a hundred
Alternative size of shaft forty 50 55 sixty five seventy five 85 a hundred a hundred and twenty
Enter shaft keyway 6×3&period5x50 6×3&period5x59 8x4x63 8x4x70 10x5x70 12x5x90 14×5&period5x100 16x6x100



Organization Profile

l  The biggest producer and exporter of CZPT reducers in Asia&period


l  Established in 1976&comma we transformed from a county owned manufacturing unit to private one in 1996&period HangZhou SINO-DEUTSCH CZPT TRANSMISSION Tools CO&time period&commaLTD is CZPT new title since 2001&period of time


l  We are the first producer of reducers and gearboxes in CZPT who was provided export license since 12 months 1993&interval


l  “Fixedstar” brand gearboxes and reducers are the first proprietor of CZPT NA Top Manufacturer and Most CZPT CZPT Mark for reducers&period of time

First to achieve ISO9001 and CE Certificate between all companies of gearboxes in CZPT &period of time

As a expert producer of worm gearbox and worm equipment reducers in CZPT &comma we largely produce reduction gearbox&commaaluminum situation CZPT packing containers&commaarc equipment cylindrical CZPT packing containers&comma CZPT reducers&comma in line CZPT cal gearboxes&comma and cyclo generate reducers&comma and so forth&period These goods feature rational construction&comma secure efficiency&comma and reputable top quality&comma and so on&period of time They are broadly utilised in CZPT &comma mining&comma metallurgy&comma developing materials&comma chemical&comma foods&comma printing&comma ceramic&comma paper-creating&comma tobacco&comma and other industries&period




We have 600 employees in CZPT manufacturing unit&comma which addresses 70&comma000 sq. meters in HangZhou&interval We have been making 2&comma500 models of reducers each day given that 2012&period We are proudly exporting 70&percnt of CZPT goods to much more than 40 international locations all more than the term&interval Our CZPT ers occur from CZPT &comma Germany&comma United states&comma Canada&comma Spain&comma British isles&comma Mexico&comma Brazil&comma Argentina&comma Turkey&comma Singapore and other primary industrial nations in the entire world&period 30&percnt of them are CZPT created for immediate manufacturers of other items&period 




We warmly welcome CZPT ers from other areas of the planet to pay a visit to us&time period Looking at is believing&interval We are extremely self-confident that soon after browsing CZPT facility&comma you will have self confidence on CZPT items&interval We have the most recent automated equipments and experienced employees to make certain the secure quality and huge output&time period We have the most innovative complex and CZPT crew to support most demanding need on regular and CZPT items&time period




Searching forward to meeting you in HangZhou&comma CZPT &interval

The principal benefit of worm gears is their ability to offer higher reduction ratios and correspondingly substantial torque multipliers. They can also be used as reducers for low to medium velocity applications. Also, simply because their reduction ratio is based on the number of tooth on the gear, they are a lot more compact than other sorts of gears. Like fine pitch leadscrews, worm gears are usually self-locking, creating them perfect for hoisting and hoisting apps.
china  supplier Smr Shaft Gear Reducer Shaft Mount Gearbox Transmission Gear manufacturers